Saturday, June 30, 2007

Answer to Johnnos Whatisit

Well done Dieter
I didn’t know that there was a need for such a product, but apparently when milking cows, serious eye injury can occur from the switching of the cow tail. The device below is a cow tail holder, when in use the larger end clamps to the leg and the other end attaches to the tail.

It was patented in 1891, number 444,428, over 100 other patents for a wide range of contraptions that perform the same task can be found on Google patents.

According to a site, the inventor of a cow tail holder estimated that between 15,000 and 20,000 milkmaids or milkmen received severe eye injuries each year.

Safe Work Practices on a Dairy Farm has more information on the risks and dangers of dairy farming.


What is it and what is it used for

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ouch, my knee!

I fell over wearing my slippery leather shoes, on a painted sidewalk, and yes, it bloody hurts! I now have a limp! lol

Will the Pasha Bulker stay on the beach forever?

You can see it has moved about 6 degrees, and from all reports the Novacastrians are getting fed up with the gridlock caused by tourists and traffic, day and night. Watch it on live webcam here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time Team - Wittenham Clumps near Didcot

Ok, forget the links in the comments of the previous post, that I have left for you. I have put the links in the title and here, of the Wittenham Clumps Time Team.


We have had some rain over the last few days, a 14 year old boy, a 28 year old man, and a 68 year old man, all died, in three different instances. Click here to find out more.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Me 1985

Same position 20 years after the above early pic. Me on the left

My brother and i in the 70's after being to see the band KIZZ

Me 1965

Going through old photos heres a before shot of me and my brother in 1965

Law's law

Icon John Laws retires
Laws' first prime ministerial interviewee was Sir Robert Menzies, followed by Harold Holt, John Gorton, Billy McMahon, Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard.
On radio this morning, Laws said Mr Howard had been among the cleverest of them.
"I have to say that out of all of them, you have been one of the most enjoyable and certainly one of the trickiest," Laws told Mr Howard.
The man nicknamed the "Golden Tonsils", said nothing in particular had prompted him to announce his retirement, except that he had to stop some time.
"Because I thought about it yesterday," Laws quipped when asked why he had chosen today to reveal his intentions.
"Because I wanted to let sponsors know, and other radio stations know, and people to whom I have commitments know, and most importantly the listeners know.
"I have talked about it for a long time."
Laws said he was sad to leave broadcasting.
"I will miss it. I know I will miss it," he said.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Double standards

The smoking debate continues here in Australia. At the end of this month ’June’ it
Will be illegal to smoke in clubs or bars in Victoria, I applaud this. If it helps people quit this habit it is a good thing. My only concern is the double standards of this legislation. Why is it the crown casino is permitted to continue letting people smoke in it’s mahogany room? Is it once again one rule for the affluent and one for the poor?

The staff working there must be pleased that they will get ill from a richer class of smoke. And what about the cigar clubs in Melbourne? According to a spokesperson for QUIT those workers would be at risk of getting second hand smoke related illnesses, That hardly makes sense to me.


The answer is … match holder: well done Sue

The box is hollow with a hole at the top and bottom, and the piece of wood sticking out the top is attached to the base at the other end. When filled with matches, the box is lifted up an inch or two and when lowered back down a match will be found resting on the top.
This one will get your brains overheating

My Week in Review by Gary

The week started off well on Monday. I left for work at 6:20AM as usual for another week at the office. I had an e-mail from my supervisor asking me on the status of my mandatory training System Engineering for New Hires class was going. This is a 4-hour online Orientation class for all new Hires. Some how I fell through the crack when I hired back into the company in 2004. I told her that I was 50% through the class. Did one hour on it at lunchtime.

Tuesday morning, we had our weekly staff meeting, where we hear what is happening in upper management, and then we go around the room, and tell the status of our projects. I finished the System Engineering for New Hires class at lunchtime. Had to pass the final exams 10 questions. My first try I got 70% and flunked. I had taken notes on the answers to the questions, so I tried again and passed with 80% correct. There where 4 of us new hire that had to take the class. I finished 6 minutes before the last guy did. Joked with this young lady in Tech Pub in the Cafeteria while I got my lunch. I usually eat my lunch at my desk.

morning, we had our weekly High Work Performance Team (HWPT) meeting for the Technical Designers (Drafters). This is a meeting where we try to streamline our processes and solve problems. Since we are a new team, we our working on our charter and identifying our customer’s needs. My cartoon of a Lab Rat working on the computer was chosen as our logo. Our group does ground support and systems integration for the various Labs our customer’s own.

was an ordinary day in the office. We work on our projects, and solve problems with the designs. Also we have a little fun joking with each other.

Friday was an ordinary day in the office. Kevin’s wife Tandy asked me over for dinner. We watched a DVD of the movie Blood Diamond staring Leonardo Di Caprio. It was a good movie, but violent.

I went with Kevin and Tandy to visit Kevin’s Brother Doug and his family. Two of their children and their Mother where celebrating their Birthdays. They have two daughters and a son. Doug’s son Brian had just turned 9 years old, (I’ve been told, that he idolizes me, because I work on airplanes, it’s kind of a kick, because I don’t have any kids of my own) so I gave him a color picture of the F-22 Raptor. He was thrilled to have it. We had a nice dinner, and watched them unwrap presents. Brian got a Lego airplane from Tandy.

Sunday was an ordinary day; I did my laundry, took out the garbage and paid some bills.

As usual, I take Tuxso (my cat) out on a leash for his daily walk. Many people drive or walk by us, and laugh and say "that’s a cat, I thought it was a dog".

All around, it was a better than average week.Highlights of the week. Getting my team logo chosen and finishing all my mandatory training.

Low of the week. Nothing in particular.

Friday, June 22, 2007

lovers of great wine

Wal-Mart announced that, on March 1, 2007, it began offering customers anew discount item: Wal-Mart's own brand of wine. The world's largestretail chain is teaming up with the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery ofCalifornia to produce the spirits at an affordable price, in the $2 -$5 range.

Wine connoisseurs may not be inclined to place a bottle or two of theWal-Mart brand in their shopping carts, but "there is a market forinexpensive wine," said Kathy Micken, professor of marketing at theUniversity of Arkansas. She went on to say: "But the right name is veryimportant." Customer surveys were conducted to determine the mostattractive name for the Wal-Mart wine brand.

The top surveyed names in order of popularity were:
10. Chateau Traileur Parc
9. White Trashfindel
8. Big Red Gulp
7. World Championship Riesling
6. NASCARbernet
5. Chef Boyardeaux
4. Peanut Noir
3. I Can't Believe it's Not Vinegar
2. Grape Expectations
1. Nasti Spumante

The beauty of Wal-Mart wine is that it can be served with either whitemeat (Possum) or red meat (Squirrel).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big chill hits Queensland

BONE-chilling winds of up to 75km/h have blasted through southeast Queensland, bringing down trees, powerlines and even a brick wall.

The southwesterly winds saw Brisbane record its lowest June temperature on record.
A maximum of 13.1C was recorded at the airport but the wind chill factor dragged this down to only 5.6C.

At a Fortitude Valley construction site, a freestanding wall collapsed on to a neighbouring unit block at about 5am, hammering the roof with up to 80 concrete bricks.

Builder Ivano Berlese said it was a "freak of nature".

"It really must have come through here hard, because the wheelie bins were all blown over and there was a power line down in another street," he said.
The cold snap pushed southeast Queensland electricity usage to its highest this winter as people turned on power-hungry reverse cycle airconditioners and heaters.

Weather bureau statistician Ann Farrell said the previous June record for the airport was 13.9C in 1958 and the coldest overall was 10.6C in August 1954.

Toowoomba was worse off, recording a wind chill temperature of -9.3C overnight, with parts of the Darling Downs reporting a blast of early morning sleet and snow.

At noon it had risen to -3.8C.

All of the Downs and Granite Belt reported extremely cold conditions, with Warwick 1C at 2pm and Applethorpe -1.2C, thanks again to the wind.

Overnight Brisbane dipped down to -2.5C, allowing for the wind factor.

Darwin - coldest day on record

BLOODY hell. Anybody would think we were in Melbourne.

Rugged-up Darwin residents yesterday shivered through the coldest daytime-high temperature ever recorded in June -- and the second equal coldest day on record in the city. At 1pm the mercury plummeted to 22.7C -- and unseasonally strong winds made it even harder to keep warm.

While southerners would probably look on in envy as they shivered though single-digit temperatures, many Darwinites resorted to pulling out their rarely-sighted winter woolies.

The daytime high was only 1.6C above the coldest day ever recorded in Darwin, 21.1C in July 1968.

Senior forecaster Kylie Egan said record lows were also set in other Central Australian and Top End communities.

In Katherine, it was almost 6C colder than the previous coldest daytime high (21.5C), with 15.8C recorded yesterday.

And in Lajamanu, about 400km southwest of Katherine, it was 12C -- 7C colder than the previous record of 19C.

In Tennant Creek, residents shivered as the mercury dipped to 8C, 5C less than the previous record of 13C.

Ms Egan said an extensive cloud band extending over northern Australia combined with south-easterly winds was to blame for the cold weather.

She said the weather bureau had been keeping records of temperatures for 65 years.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Darwin during that time was 10.4C during the month of July.

But Ms Egan said it was always "much cooler'' in the rural area.

She predicted it would be about 26C in Darwin today, with temperatures warming up to about 30C over the weekend.
Alice Springs is forecast to reach a high of 14C today, while Tennant Creek will reach a top of 11C.

"It is well below the average across the Northern Territory,'' she said. "It is very unusual weather.''

"We should be back to our normal dry season weather of 30C temperatures by the weekend.''

The wild weather also caused rough conditions at sea, leaving one boatie stranded. His small vessel sank at Tipperary Waters. Only its mast could be seen sticking out of the water.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Would you place a bid?

click the link ...

Stranded bulk carrier put on eBay

THE Pasha Bulker is being offered for sale on eBay, with only a single bid of a dollar for the beached container ship with nine days left to go in the auction.
Ebay user “jonno504” placed the ship on the site in the past 24 hours, attracting two questions from interested buyers.

But jonno504 also warned bidders that the ship was “used”, its “fuel had been replaced with water for the moment” and the sale was “as seen”.

“Slightly used container ship for sale,” the listing said.

“It is a beautiful ship but an unwanted gift.

“The views are amazing from just about anywhere on this little beauty although a chopper (not included in sale) is required for easy passage onto and off the boat.

“Unfortunately the crew have left so a new crew will have to be supplied at your own cost.”

According to the listing, shipping is at the buyer’s expense, but “pick-up is preferred”.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My week that was…Patty

Monday: It’s the Queens birthday today. Actually, it isn’t but we don’t care, it’s a great excuse to have a long weekend, and we all look forward to it. The usual debate rages over barbeques all over Australia about monarchy V’s republic. A quiet day, working on the DVD. I create another 2 chapters. Thank goodness. Slow progress, but progress. Pattycam is as dead as. There is always tomorrow.

Tuesday: A lovely day with my sister June, for her birthday. We meet for lunch in a small cafĂ©, and although we are the only ones there, I have to call the girl over to ask what’s on the menu, and “could we have a glass of wine please?” She seems surprised at the request. My God, customers actually wanting to order! Later, June and my mother-in-law and I go to the theatre to see a play. It’s pretty crook. At interval I play devils advocate. “So, are we going to suffer through the second act?” We decide that life’s too short, and we leave, spending another couple of hours sitting around the kitchen table chatting and having a glassa. Nice.

Wednesday: Hours of housework, then time on the computer. I really should be doing this darn DVD, but my motivation has dried up. Bleh. Poor Jarrod. What if I just write ARGHHHhhhhhh……..and fade to black? I spend a good 20 mins in front of the oven, crying. *sob, sob, like some pathetic thing. I tell myself it’s good to get the tears out, toxin build-up and all that. I feel defeated. I feel like I have let Jarrod down. I don’t know what to do for my own son’s birthday. The house still needs cleaning. It’s too much. I hold onto the oven handle for support.

Thursday: Some housework, then sitting cross-legged beside the kitchen sink. Cleaning. Urgh. The cam is on, and it occurs to me, that no-one can see me, huddled down here, but never mind. This is more important, for now. Why on earth am I cleaning under the sink, when there is so much more to be done? Distraction, I guess. Who can figure the human mind? Cleaned the oven. Raced to Bunnings to buy a table gas-heater, lots of outdoor candles, sandalwood incense sticks, and onwards to Indro to buy 18th birthday prezzies. Shop after shop, the card is dragged out and both my MasterCard and I stumble into the car park as it’s getting dark. Time to go home. Trying to sort the washing at 5.30pm. I have 2 pairs of matched socks for hubby, and 4 single socks? What on earth does my machine do to them? It’s beyond comprehension. Time to wrap birthday prezzies, and why oh why didn’t I buy more sticky tape? Grrr!

Friday: Happy birthday to my youngest son. Up at 6am to wrap his prezzies. It doesn’t seem to be much, but it adds up. I recall that we have also purchased a music festival ticket for him, months ago, so that makes me more than happy, NOW it is enough! We take down a cuppa for him, and sing Happy Birthday. When I say “we sing” I really mean just myself. Hubby rarely joins in. It gets my blood pressure up, it just seems so MEAN not to sing. I glare at him and he startles into a couple of words. “….to you, happy birthday dear….” And then he fades again. It’s like pulling teeth, and I let it go. Let it go. Breath out. Iron his business shirt, help put his shoes and socks on, tie the laces, and he is gone for the day. Bear is still asleep, but soon wanders upstairs, eager to begin his big day. I make him close his eyes and hold out his hands, and I place the imaginary music festival tickets into his hand. What the…? Is it my fault they haven’t yet arrived by post? Lol. A few prezzies later, in front of the cam, and we are done, for now. His BIG prezzie I will leave for the family to see. Annoying, but the Right Thing To Do. For now, it’s more F*(&^%g housework. Bah!

After vacuuming, we decide to put together the new tabletop gas heater, and another wood burner, for tomorrow’s party. After an hour of struggling with trying to undo the bolts for the gas burner, we are both defeated. Our attentions turn to the wood heater, too easy, after all, we have done a similar one before, right? Wrong. Another ½ hour of struggle FFS! Sheesh! Lots of other adult words, and again we are defeated.

Back to Bunnings, where I ask if a manly man can help us. Instead a huge burley 6’3” girl arrives, all muscles and strength. If she ain’t gay, she should be, *coughs. She’s a big strong girl who also struggles. This one is really tough to do she admits finally. So we drive home, to pack both bits into boxes, and then drive all the way back there.

Finally we exchange it for the same thing, but which SHE has done for us. Bless. That made my day. I smile driving home.

Saturday: Action day. Time to vacuum, mop and dust, finally. The backyard looks a picture, and I joke to Bear that “the good news is we get to clean-up tomorrow too!”

Ruby begins her two butter cakes, for Bears party. She has offered, and has taken on the huge challenge. She seems very happy, and smiles the whole day as she cooks, mixes, creates and assembles the cakes. I feel pretty useless, but I take photos. It’s a fantastic cake. Cakes! Bear comes up quietly to her during the day and says “Thanks so much for making my cake, I really appreciate it” and those small words make her day.

At 6pm, the first guests arrive, and my lovely boys from school all give me a genuine hug and look happy and pleased to see me. Same here. They are like part of my own family and we exchange news and exam results and chat about uni life in general. Engineering, law, science and business degrees and so on.

Smart as, these kids. Woot! I remember to take some photos, and then hubby and I drive them to the restaurant, where they will sit in private curtained rooms, on the floor with cushions and pillows. They will have a great time. Later, hubby and I are shattered, so tired, exhausted. I call a maxi-taxi, and get it to collect the kids, we have no energy to now drive back into the city in 2 cars to collect them. It adds to the excitement of the kids night out. Bear leaps out of the taxi, “Thanks mum, that was great, thanks!” and he covers my face in Bear kisses. He seems really happy with how it all went, and I am relieved. As long as he’s happy, eh? I treasure those kisses and touch each one with my finger, to make sure it stays there.

The fires are roaring, the music is on, and the night is officially away, with more guests arriving at the front door. During the night, one lad watches me produce more hot food from the oven. “You are such a good mum Mrs B” he exclaims. I blush, and he adds “No, really! You are!” and he seems very genuine, or very hungry, lol. We gather to sing Happy Birthday around Bears amazing two-plane cake, complete with a mini-me Pilot Ruby made. It’s taken her all day, and she has done a superb job.
Lots of jugs of water, more food, beds are made and readied for some of the kids to sleep over. At 2am we stagger off to bed, wrung out.

Sunday: It’s 8am and I can hear voices already. What the! The kids have all woken and are now sitting around the fire braziers, which are still slightly warm. Someone throws on some old serviettes – madly bright and exclaiming HAPPY 18TH!! and the fire catches again. They snuggle under the rugs left out overnight, and look sleepy and happy. Bear sleeps on. I make strong coffee and pots of tea, cooking up a huge batch of bacon and eggs, and lamb sausages. Breakfast is produced around the front deck, and I don’t take one photo. Too busy, and too tired. Never mind, I will remember it.

The boys all offer to help me tidy up, so a large black plastic bag is produced, and filled with empties and rubbish, plastic plates and so on. They are such a great help, and willing hands make the job easier. Poor Ruby wakes with a raging sore throat so I send her back to bed with Panadol and a mug of hot chocolate. The last girls leave at midday. The house is finally almost back to order, just a few last minute things to clean and sort.

Time to go flop in front of the telly and stare at moving pictures. I upload a few pics to the Blog, and call it quits for the day. I don’t move from the couch for 4 hours.

Dinner is leftover party food. Greek fetta-cheese triangles, meatballs and whatever else we can find, everyone is too exhausted to be bothered cooking much, or even eating. It is enough. Bed at 11.30pm, and I sleep and sleep….tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Ok Patty is is a *cough Blow up doll???

Bear's big 18th!

Ruby lovingly makes Bear's "plane" cake, the gas heater is set up, and the day flows smoothly....


In the Cemetery where my Mother is buried, there are loads of birds and squirrels. Anyway I caught this picture of one of the squirrels, in mid air.

And this one too. Ah cute eh?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy birthday mate

Thursday, June 14, 2007



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Deep down even NSW wants to be a Queenslander!

*note the red jocks, *coughs

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Next Weeks Mystery Guest

Thanks to Johnno and Dieter for their past Week in Review postings. But can you guess who the mystery person who the the spotlight will be on next Monday. Tune in next Monday to see who will be our Mystery Guest Reviewer.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A week in the life - Dieter

Okay Monday morning was like any other morning. Woke up to a cup of tea with honey (50+ heart starter) and toast. Did not feel much like getting up. I decided to bite the bullet and get a new computer or at least dip my toes into that world. Spent almost an hour with my archenemy, my disability care people. I had quick lunch of fish and chips with my brother. A hello to patty. And that’s about it really.

Tuesday. Well a wasted day really I played on the computer and chatted a little. I had lots of calls to make, I like to let them accumulate then get them all done at once. Thought I was going out for dinner but I had the days mixed up, so its lamb roast and baked spuds with salad ‘maybe a cardboard red’ then T.V.

Wednesday. Looking forward to a massage today my shoulder is giving me grief. Tonight it’s off to the local for dinner the food is country style. (I knew it was a weekday but forgot when). They have just put in a large open fire I love it. Warm feet cold beer can’t argue with that

Thursday. Saw that rain had almost stopped up north, bugger we need much more. I went to the DVD store found a couple of older movies, and then over to the library it’s a small but relaxing place. I managed to find some easy reading. And I was online again (big shock)

Friday. Well I did warn you I lead a very boring life. Woke up in the middle of the night so guess who’s a bit grumpy? I would be happy top do nothing today and so far I have accomplished just that. I had an idea I might lounge in the sunroom and read the midweek age. I hope to watch Essendon beat the west coast eagles ‘I live in hope’ lol

Saturday. Well they did it, (I never had a doubt ha) they won by a point that is two weeks in a row. I’m not sure I can stand these close games, lucky for me I just happened to have a few Irish larger’s on hand. Nothing planned for today.

Sunday. A day spent with some of the family ‘you know what that’s like’ its all good,lol.

What is it?

Weekend Worrier - What-is-it

What is it?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Johnno at his beloved Folk Festival

How brave are these helicopter pilots? Wonderful.

Ship(s) aground!

An operation was under way on Friday to rescue more than 20 people from a container ship which ran aground in wild seas off a beach at Newcastle in NSW.

The 40,000 tonne coal ship Pasha Bulker, which is empty of cargo, became stranded on a sandbank off Nobbys Beach, near Newcastle's ocean baths, about 9.15am (AEST), police said.

Earlier reports that the ship had hit rocks were not correct, they said.

The Newcastle Coastal Patrol said the ship's fuel tanks were not believed to be damaged.

Strong swells and wild winds were blamed for causing the Pasha Bulker to break its moorings.

The ship's 21 crew were not believed to be injured, and were to be airlifted to Nobbys Head car park, the NSW Ambulance Service said.

Newcastle weather

You can see the sevre line of storm casuing the chaos out to sea with the cargo ships.

Frocked up

ok, so I look like a fat, tired housewife, get over it! :(

I had a great night, anyway.