Sunday, June 10, 2007

A week in the life - Dieter

Okay Monday morning was like any other morning. Woke up to a cup of tea with honey (50+ heart starter) and toast. Did not feel much like getting up. I decided to bite the bullet and get a new computer or at least dip my toes into that world. Spent almost an hour with my archenemy, my disability care people. I had quick lunch of fish and chips with my brother. A hello to patty. And that’s about it really.

Tuesday. Well a wasted day really I played on the computer and chatted a little. I had lots of calls to make, I like to let them accumulate then get them all done at once. Thought I was going out for dinner but I had the days mixed up, so its lamb roast and baked spuds with salad ‘maybe a cardboard red’ then T.V.

Wednesday. Looking forward to a massage today my shoulder is giving me grief. Tonight it’s off to the local for dinner the food is country style. (I knew it was a weekday but forgot when). They have just put in a large open fire I love it. Warm feet cold beer can’t argue with that

Thursday. Saw that rain had almost stopped up north, bugger we need much more. I went to the DVD store found a couple of older movies, and then over to the library it’s a small but relaxing place. I managed to find some easy reading. And I was online again (big shock)

Friday. Well I did warn you I lead a very boring life. Woke up in the middle of the night so guess who’s a bit grumpy? I would be happy top do nothing today and so far I have accomplished just that. I had an idea I might lounge in the sunroom and read the midweek age. I hope to watch Essendon beat the west coast eagles ‘I live in hope’ lol

Saturday. Well they did it, (I never had a doubt ha) they won by a point that is two weeks in a row. I’m not sure I can stand these close games, lucky for me I just happened to have a few Irish larger’s on hand. Nothing planned for today.

Sunday. A day spent with some of the family ‘you know what that’s like’ its all good,lol.

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Thanks Dieter thats excellent