Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Week in Review by Gary

The week started off well on Monday. I left for work at 6:20AM as usual for another week at the office. I had an e-mail from my supervisor asking me on the status of my mandatory training System Engineering for New Hires class was going. This is a 4-hour online Orientation class for all new Hires. Some how I fell through the crack when I hired back into the company in 2004. I told her that I was 50% through the class. Did one hour on it at lunchtime.

Tuesday morning, we had our weekly staff meeting, where we hear what is happening in upper management, and then we go around the room, and tell the status of our projects. I finished the System Engineering for New Hires class at lunchtime. Had to pass the final exams 10 questions. My first try I got 70% and flunked. I had taken notes on the answers to the questions, so I tried again and passed with 80% correct. There where 4 of us new hire that had to take the class. I finished 6 minutes before the last guy did. Joked with this young lady in Tech Pub in the Cafeteria while I got my lunch. I usually eat my lunch at my desk.

morning, we had our weekly High Work Performance Team (HWPT) meeting for the Technical Designers (Drafters). This is a meeting where we try to streamline our processes and solve problems. Since we are a new team, we our working on our charter and identifying our customer’s needs. My cartoon of a Lab Rat working on the computer was chosen as our logo. Our group does ground support and systems integration for the various Labs our customer’s own.

was an ordinary day in the office. We work on our projects, and solve problems with the designs. Also we have a little fun joking with each other.

Friday was an ordinary day in the office. Kevin’s wife Tandy asked me over for dinner. We watched a DVD of the movie Blood Diamond staring Leonardo Di Caprio. It was a good movie, but violent.

I went with Kevin and Tandy to visit Kevin’s Brother Doug and his family. Two of their children and their Mother where celebrating their Birthdays. They have two daughters and a son. Doug’s son Brian had just turned 9 years old, (I’ve been told, that he idolizes me, because I work on airplanes, it’s kind of a kick, because I don’t have any kids of my own) so I gave him a color picture of the F-22 Raptor. He was thrilled to have it. We had a nice dinner, and watched them unwrap presents. Brian got a Lego airplane from Tandy.

Sunday was an ordinary day; I did my laundry, took out the garbage and paid some bills.

As usual, I take Tuxso (my cat) out on a leash for his daily walk. Many people drive or walk by us, and laugh and say "that’s a cat, I thought it was a dog".

All around, it was a better than average week.Highlights of the week. Getting my team logo chosen and finishing all my mandatory training.

Low of the week. Nothing in particular.


dieter said...

Thanks for letting us share your week Gary, we enjoy our little mind trip into other peoples worlds.

Patty said...

Gary, that was great mate!!! I enjoyed going through the process of your work, although all those tests and evaluations, yuck. Give Tuxo a scratchunder the chin from us all here Down Under. Woot!

Johnno said...

well done Gary....a great week

Brizpaul said...

Thanks for your contribution Gary it was very interesting to hear your week.