Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time Team - Wittenham Clumps near Didcot

Ok, forget the links in the comments of the previous post, that I have left for you. I have put the links in the title and here, of the Wittenham Clumps Time Team.


Patty said...

Oh wonderful Sue, thanks for sharing that link. We just love it! Fancy digging up some roman tiles or whatever, only a couple of feet under the fields that have been ploughed for hundreds of years, it mind-snapping as an Aussie, as our history is so short (white history, the aborigianls have a 40,000 year old past, but not much left of it, as they didnt build houses (to las) or have any form of writing etc)

Brizpaul said...

Ohhhhh great I watch that program here on ABC TV i'll be looking out for this Sue.

Sue said...

It was made in 2004 (I think), so they would have to repeat it, but it is interesting. The two mounds called Wittenham Clumps are historic, I'll see if I have any pics of them.