Friday, May 22, 2009

Tomato Soup

I tend not to measure anything, so will just ramble and pretend I know. Ok?


8 x large vine ripened tomatoes
1 x large onion finely diced
2 x heaped teaspoons fresh garlic *when I say fresh I mean out of a jar, sigh
1 x heaped teaspoon fresh ginger *ditto
½ cup tomato paste for depth of flavour
½ jug of veggie stock
Olive oil
Fresh ground pepper/salt to taste
Fresh basil or dried, as much as you like *shake shake
Glass of red or white wine for chef, one for the pot
Splosh of Tabasco sauce, taste, taste, can’t un-add it once it’s in!

Quarter tomatoes and roughly de-seed with fingers or spoon, remove end bit from stalk, dice onions,gently soften in olive oil, add garlic/ginger and gently simmer.
Add vegie stock and tomato paste.
Chuck in everything else.
Add Tabasco sauce, - START TASTING! You are after a SLIGHT tingle in the back of the throat, don’t forget you are also adding shitloads of fresh pepper so err on caution, then enjoy.
Blend with beaters or in blender. *Mine leaked, sighs crossly.

You WILL get tomato skins, so if you don’t want that, blister the skins off first before chopping. Hold over gas stove on fork, or bake in hot oven 5 minutes. Hold in tea-towel and rub skins off. It really doesn’t affect the soup at all, gently simmer to thicken slightly and reduce.

As variety, you could add musherooms/lentils or corn. Pearl barley will also give a different in-mouth feel. Just experiment. :)

Serve with parmesan cheese grilled on toast in oven. Bon appetite!

Serves 4-6


Gary said...

Try adding the parmesan cheese to the soup. It's good too.

Gary said...

Try adding the parmesan cheese to the soup. It's good too.

dieter said...

Put the cheese ontop of the soup in bowls then into the oven, Good looking rustic soup is the best part of winter.