Monday, May 18, 2009

An apology to Dieter

Sorry Dieter, that you were dragged into the mud that parades as a blog on another site. What started as a simple response to an hysterical tweet on Twitter, morphed into a name calling, disgraceful show of hatred, intolerance and blind prejudice.
I won’t go into details here mainly because I simply can’t be bothered with over reactions and misguided intent, but for you, my dear friend, to be dragged into this mess, I am sorry.
Anyone who knows me also knows that I stand by my arguments, and I have never, ever hidden from who I am or what I say. When I left my comments on another blog, I checked my profile and was horrified to see it was private.
I am NOT a private person on the net, I don’t believe in hiding behind funny names and so on (although my Pattycam name is derived from Patty + cam) so I changed my profile to enable everyone to see it.
Unfortunately others from this blog also came to my site (which is hilarious) and left various comments under the highly original name of Anonymous.
I deleted one simply because it was so vile, that I don’t want to have that sort of crap on my site, on OUR beloved site.
For this strange woman to attack you Dieter, in such a mean, nasty and disgusting way is beyond belief. You and I know that I never asked anyone to go fight my fight, or enter into the discussion, and I am deeply mortified that you were hurt in reading her vile ranting.
If anyone would like to contact me about the whole discussion I am more than happy to go into it further with you, but for now, let’s just pretend this never happened, it’s a sad world out there some days.
I will however leave on my comments and links, it’s all part of my life, and our Blog, and I am happy to do so, if only to show you that some people simply cannot enter into an argument without twisting your words, reading only what they want to read, and resorting to name calling, so childish.

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dieter said...

Patty you did nothing at all to be sorry about.I entered that blog on my own and to be honest she is a dill. Knows nothing about me or you so she should pull her head in.Why have a blog if people can't have differing opinions?