Thursday, October 09, 2008

Paul (Roving Reporter) Boddingtons

Your Mission; should you choose to accept, is to scratch through this bag of goodies – designed for today’s modern Breakfast Show Reporter!

In it you will find:

• Award Ribbon for amazing effort and energy!
• Water filled eye mask for your much-needed beauty-sleep catch-up
• Two bottles of champagne bubbles to celebrate mentioned sleep-in (blow with a friend)
• Lip balm for those early morning chapped lips
• Skipping rope for that active, energy boost. A bloke has to keep in top physical condition!
• Spaced out Address Book for those much-needed contacts! (Yes, I’m already in it) 
• Three kinds of pens de-PEN-ding on your mood. A musical one for more wacky songs, a space rocket one for those days when you have to blast off somewhere quickly, and a sparkly one to lift your spirits when you are feeling blue.
• A happy squeeze ball. In dire circumstances you can squeeze this and pretend it’s ABC management. Do not tell anyone.
• A relaxation candle for stress management. Think of the beach and put on some…
• Sea-mist oil behind your ear…. Hear the waves, splosh, splash, and splish…
• You can also wake up in the morning to a refreshing spray of water; simply fill blue bottle and mist, mist, mist…
• One hand-mirror to check teeth and hair before your reports! (Oh… that’s right, it’s radio *shrug*)
• Four dinosaurs representing ABC Management – if that doesn’t work, you can also view the only known captured ABC Executive
• Bug in Slime! (Note well: Do not swallow – lies, bullshit, general crap)
• And Finally!!! A whoopee Cushion to place on the chair of the in-coming Presenter, whomever he/she/it may be.

Good luck mate!

Patty B

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