Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sorry- one word

I am trying to make a personal statement, but also trying to teach my sons that a hands-on approach, and being an active member of the community, is the best way sometimes.

Mothers! We are always teaching, eh?

I hope the whole Apology thing goes well, and I hope the community accept the apology in the spirit in which it is given.

Want to wear a Sorry Shirt for the historic Australian Feb 13 Apology?

Now you can! Have a voice and wear it proudly.

Shirts available for only $20!

Available in small/medium/large, white only.



Johnno said...

Sorry, I will be out of the country

Patty said...

For the rest of your life?

eamonn said...

where do i send the money to!!!! ill have 2

Patty said...

thanks eammon, send it to me please
add $10 for postage and handling, and let me know the sizes small/med/large.

woot! *my first sale!


eamonn said...

you must be well in with the postie!!!!all i have to do is write on the envelope patty , and the bugger knows where to bring it!!! wow you are famous in brisbane

Patty said...

haha, will email you.