Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frozen Dinner

I don't know who is thicker the manufacturer or the person cooking the dinner.


1 Remove frozen dinner from cardboard carton.

2 Pierce top with fork

3 Cook on High for 6 minutes

4 Let stand for 2 minutes

5 Peel plastic covering back and eat

Of course i'm going to remove from cardboard carton before nuking it, heat and cardboard don't mix. As for Instruction number 5, Peel plastic back, thank god they mentioned that.


Patty said...

No baked beans? How did it taste?

Brizpaul said...

It was bloody nice, McCains healthy choice Apricot Chicken and rice. I used to make my own a fresh ready cooked chook meat cut into pieces add some french onion packet soup and a can of Berri apricot juice mix and marinate then cook for 15 minutes. Cook rice seperately then add to plate and serve