Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Power cut.

We had a power cut today, for a long 6 hours, started at 3.30pm. It gets dark at 4.30pm at the moment, so it was a long evening. Hence the candles.


loobyloo said...

good grief not good!

Patty said...

oh I love power cuts, it forces you to entertain/cook/think better. In fact I was planning on having a "blackout Tuesday" here, there's nothing on telly, and we can play cards or have a conversation over candles. Love it. Mind you, I also have gas to cook with, and it's not cold, so I am a lot better off than poor Sue in the dark and cold.

Sue said...

I have an open fire, (love open fires), and I had already lit it about 2.30pm, so it wasn't that cold. I had put my big thick dressing gown on, to keep the chill off, so I was lovely and cosy.

I put the radio on, (batteries), so there was a little bit of noise, had a candle, well three together, on a tin foil dish, for some light, and a big torch that I was able to go from room to room as needed.

I had found some playing cards, so played patience.

I cook with electric, but I had my usual of a ham sandwich.

It was really quite relaxing.

I don't know what the problem was, but a van appeared down the bottom of the drive, which said "Power Distribution", on the side of it. They dug the road up, and hey presto, 21.40, the power came back on again.

I was gagging for a hot cup of fruit tea though, I had to settle for water.

The first thing I did when the power came back on, was to put the kettle on.