Tuesday, November 27, 2007

likes and dislikes

Name one thing you like and one thing you don't like about Australia, America, Canada, England. Keep it light.


loobyloo said...

Australia:like the place heaps
dislike that its soooo far away!
America:like TV progs,CSI,law and order
dislike the whole attitude to the rest of the world
Canada:like the scenery
dislike the fact I've never visited
UK:like the changing seasons
dislike the fact you get them all in a few hours most days!

Patty said...

Likes: climate/humour/mateship
Dislikes: Isolated and only one language

Likes: Movies/geography/snow
Dislikes: Global Ignorance

Likes: geography/humour/mutal Queen and dislike to some things American
Dislikes: Too far away

Likes: The greenery!!!/humour/history
Dislikes: Racial tensions/cold, grey days

Sue said...


Likes: Friendliness, the warmth, the space, the roads, the weather.
Dislikes: I couldn’t find any plain ham when I was out there, and the fact that you have to get on a plane to get there.


Likes: There are some lovely places there, Virginia, being one.
Dislikes: Everything is supersized. Their general attitude.


Likes: It’s beauty.
Dislikes: I probably won’t be going there.


Likes: Christmas with snow, (hopefully, very rare though).
Dislikes: The cold, dull, miserable days, for what seems like three-quarters of the year. The roads are far to busy. You can drive for a week in Australia, and still be relaxed, an hours driving along the main roads in the UK is exhausting.

eamonn said...

australia;like climate and beautiful beaches hate, my son and daughterinlaw and my 2 grandkids are so far away america,love sopranos and their bluegrass music hates,their president canada,crispy healthy weather i love neil young leonard cohen hate, the way i cant disguinish theit accents from the usa cause it upsets them. uk i love isle of wight london liverpool football club hate the whole concept of royalty and that awfull song swing low sweet chariot!!!!!

dieter said...

Australia.likes.The wide open spaces and our relaxed attitude.

Dislikes.the way our sports men/women carry on. when they win its we are the greatest and when they lose its some excuse, but rarely do you hear a 'they where just too good'
America'likes' the can do attitude and the inventivness and hollywood for the most part.
Dislike. them thinking they know whats best for the world.
Canada..likes the scenery and friendly nature.
Dislikes clubing baby seals and the mess with the wild salmon.
UK Likes the straight foward talking. good TV drama (not all over the top car wrecks and un play)The comedy i.e fawlty towers, goons, monty python.
Dislikes the cold and traffic.and English tabloids.

Sue said...

Have to agree with you about the baby seal clubing. It's a terrible thing, why can't they see that their methods are wrong. How would they like to be clubed over the head several times, until they die, or just left to die. Sorry Patty, I know you said to keep it light, just couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Austrailia, the likes;:the climate, the amazing sights and the sexy aussie accent.

Dislikes. What is there to dislike about australia apart from its such a long plane journey away.


Likes: the only thing I can think of 'Disney World'.

dislikes. this is an easy one. Loud people, checkered trousers, the american way (which is the loopy way, only in america springs to mind). In films they are the ones who always save the day, hahhahahah, thats a laugh, a div of a president who calls the queen the queen of ENGLAND and not the british monarch (doesnt he know that England is just a small part of the UK.


they dont like to be associated with being american lol, its beautiful country with beautiful people, my best friend of all from school lives there


That I can only see my friend for 1 month of the year when she comes home to the UK to visit. that its so far away.



Pretty scenery, lots of history, beautiful people, the seaons, Rugby, Football


Royal Family, London (a place to go for tourists to be ripped off big time). Assylum Seekers, Multi Culturalism,

This is from Rachelle xx

eamonn said...

well i hope we all learned from our last speaker!!! NEXT!!!!!