Friday, October 26, 2007

I need Help with something

Ok, I need a hand here….I entered a Canon photo comp…Prize is a Canon EOS40D with all accessories $5,000 worth.…only 2,500 people in it
What they have given us all is a Box with 4 smaller boxes inside….each box containing a different item.
Items are 1. The boxes
2. A balloon
3. dots
4. Cellophane
5. Piece of chalk
There are five different competitions, but you can only use one of the items in each competition.
This is where it is hard…I need ideas for what I am going to use them in a photo of.
To give you an idea of the size of them…The main outer box is only 100mm square.
I was thinking of using the yellow dots to be a crash test dummy in an old car wreck… me please I only have till the 15th November to submit photos.


Patty said...


Sue said...

Blimey's the word!

loobyloo said...

with the boxes, could you stack them like a pyramid--machu picchu style with some greenery behind?

loobyloo said...

get pavement artist to draw a chalkboard, then use chalkstick to write on it 3D effect type of thing

Johnno said...

thanks, i have written down..
here is my ideas for a few of them

celephone blue sunset or sunrise

balloon explode it in someones face with a halloween mask on

Char said...

or you could do a series of waves with a porpoise rising out of it for the chalk.