Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Three People

Ok groovers, which three, living, famous people that you simply adore, would you like to meet. Then which three famous people, who are no longer living, would you have liked to meet.


Sue said...

The only thing about meeting people who you love and adore, is whether they would live up to your expectations.

I would like to meet

1, Barbara Streisand,
2, Robin Williams the actor,
3, Ozzy Osbourne.

And the three who are no longer with us, would be

1, Diana Princess of Wales,
2, James Stewart the actor,
3, Shirley Temple.

eamonn said...

billy connely bono (again} sandra bullock and deceased ones rory gallagher jesus frank sinatra

Patty said...

My Three people would be:
1. Dick Smith
2. John Irving (author)
3. The Queen

and no longer with us
1. Dad
2. John Denver
3. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
(Do you know that I have now sat here for a full five minutes trying to think of who I would really like to meet? I must be very satisfied woman.)

dieter said...

Dead:Dave Allen'COMIC'. John Lennon. Spike milligan.

Alive. Robin Willian,David Attenborough.Goerge W,Bush (to ask why.
Famous is over rated

eamonn said...

like you choice dieter dave allen he was a funny man

Gary said...

Alive: Robin William, Paul McCarty (Song Writer), Stephen Hawking (Theoretical physics) to ask him if we could travel into the future).
runner up: Bill Gates.

Dead: Leonardo Da Vinci. The Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein (Theoretical physics).
runner ups: Mark Twain or Jules Verne.

Famous People that I have meet: Henry Travers (actor who played Clarence the angel in It’s a Wonderful Life)at a relative’s house, who’s friend was visiting, she was married to him. Spiro T. Agnew (former Vice President of the United States to President Nixon) in the Taipei, Taiwan Hilton. My mother and I said hello to him in the elevator.

Sue said...

Gary, really, you met Clarence the angel, yeah I would to.

Also I agree with you about Stephen Hawkins, I would love to meet him too.

Sue said...

Sorry, got me 'to' muddles up. Should have been 'too'.