Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cute eh.

This little baby pigeon, (well, not so little), in a nest, in the trees by my house, just the otherside of the fence. As you can see from the first picture to the second that he has grown slightly. I keep an eye on the chick, and the other day I found him on the floor, a dangerous place for any chick to be, and his mum was nowhere to be seen. So we had to put him back in the nest, he wasn't that appreciative, and kept trying to have a go at us, he has a big beak. His mum puts in an appearance during each day. He sits in his nest watching us about our daily routine in the garden and I watch him from my window.


Patty said...

Oh how sweet! You are very lucky to be able to watch him grow, and yes, we do expect updated pics as he grows. Anyone want to suggest a name for him?

dieter said...

How about the latin for young Pigeon? Columba Juven

Sue said...

That's a good idea Patty. Thanks Dieter. Name the Columba Juven.

It was last Thursday that I found him on the ground, and his wing feathers have grown already.