Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Invented in Melbourne

Melbourne inventions include the Black Box Flight Recorder and the Bionic Ear to name a few.

Australians great ideas and vision can be seen by the many Melbourne inventions that have helped improve the lives of people all over the world.

Australian System - 1856
Eight Hour Day - 1856
Australian Rules Football - 1858
Telephane - 1885
Electrical Drill - 1889
First Feature Length Film - 1906
Kiwi Shoe Polish - 1906
Hills Hoist - 1912
Aspro - 1917
Trugo - 1918
Vegemite - 1923
Not only invented in Melbourne but every jar of Vegemite 'ever made' has come from the Melbourne factory at Fisherman Bend.
MacRobertson Chocolates
Utility Vehicle - the 'Ute' - 1933
Dim Sims - 1945
Black Box Flight Recorder - 1958
Bionic Ear - 1979
In-vitro fertilisation - 1984

Not so rainy
Melbourne is not Australia's wettest capital city. Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth all receive much higher annual rainfalls. However, Melbourne does have the highest number of rainy days.

It's also interesting that the average Melbourne summer will see more 30C plus days than in Sydney, although overall averages are lower, Sydney being further north.

First feature film made in Melbourne

The world's first feature film was shot in Melbourne. 'The Story of the Kelly Gang' was filmed by the Tait Brothers at a property in the Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg and is generally thought to be the first ever narrative full-length feature film.
Running over an hour, the film was first shown at Melbourne's Athenaeum Theatre on Collins Street in 1906. In 1910 the Victorian government banned the film because they believed the film incited people to crime. Only scraps of the film and a few out-takes remain.

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