Thursday, May 24, 2007

Move to Sydney from Canerra? Discuss!

THE former prime minister Paul Keating believes Australia should abandon Canberra as the capital and move Parliament to Garden Island in Sydney.

Outlining his vision for Sydney Harbour last night, Mr Keating said he agreed with the 19th century architect Francis Greenway that a landmark building should fit on the headland where the navy is presently located.

"John Howard has moved the Government to Sydney. Cabinet meets in Phillip Street and the Government only returns to Canberra when Parliament sits," Mr Keating told a packed lecture room at the Powerhouse Museum.

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Brizpaul said...

Sorry Patty i know you think he's Gods gift but its a ridiculous notion from a failed
Prime Minister, one I may add that i stupidly voted for once as one of his true believers. What a waste of a vote that was. Canberra is Australia's national capital as is Washington DC in the US, both territories within a State. Yes I grant you a lot of government business is done in Sydney but our constitution here in Australia notes that our national capital city has to be a Territory,hence the Australian Capital Teritory. The reason why this is so is that the Capital City as territory can show no bias to any particular State within the country by being a seperate body. Keating has always been known to be a bit of a stirrer, people shouldn't play with history and past and forgotten PM's should no better.

dieter said...

I agree with Paul about the change from Canberra to Sydney.The cost alone would be to much.Why have Sydney as the location? Why not have it in another state,why not Melbourne as the capital after all it was where it was to begin with.I say that in jest.Paul Keating is wrong.His comments I wouldn't care if the capital was in Melbourne, "but if you want to impress the visitors, of course, you come to Sydney".Is just the rantings of a x PM .Leave it in the A.C.T As that great man Darryl Kerrigan said 'tell him he's dreaming