Sunday, May 27, 2007

makiin bacon

Jamison Stone, 11, poses with a wild hog he said he killed near Delta, Ala., on May 3. His father said the animal weighed 1,051 pounds.


Sue said...

Oh, well, not quite sure why anyone would want to shoot it. Such a beautiful animal! Was this family starving that they needed to do this. What's an 11 year old doing with a gun anyway. His father needs his head testing.

Blimey, I'm so angry.

Brizpaul said...

Only in America Sue

Anonymous said...

Yes, in America we hunt deer,
bear, wild boar, etc. for
food. Its food for
families, schools etc. If the
children desire they go along
with their parents and learn
how to hunt. So, does your
family eat meat and where
does it come from?

Sue said...

I certainly would not teach an 11 year old how to use a gun, and take pleasure from doing so. Sorry, just my opinion, and am intitled to it.

dieter said...

I don't think its an only in America thing.I just do not believe this was shot for food. Sue I think an 11 year old should not be playing with guns at all. I guess its a mind set with some, they think its their right to carry a gun.

Anonymous said...

Hunters do not leave animanls in the woods when they shoot them, so if not for food what else would
they do with it. I would not let
my child have a gun either, but
that depends on the parent. And, thank God, we still have the right to raise our own children the way
we want to. So far, that is.