Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Curtains and Cows

The Great Curtains and Cows Debate is on again have your say here.


dieter said...

This could only happen in Queensland.
Cows that tell the time and curtains that fade because of daylight .Psst. I have a bridge for sale in Sydney, interested? :-)

Sue said...

Ok, you've lost me now, "curtains and cows"?. What is this all about then? Is it a daylight saving debate or something? Aw, please tell.

Sue said...

Ok, I've just clicked the link, and it IS about daylight saving. I'd be interested to know peoples views too.

Dieter, would I have to pay customes on the bridge? Where to put it in the garden, (strokes chin).

dieter said...

Ok Sue I will explain lol. Some Queenslanders think the extra daylight will fade the curtains, cows will not milk and all other kinds of nasty things will happen. Now I gues i better get ready for the yelling from the north . lol :-) DUCKS for cover

Just think here in Melbourne some want to have it longer next year **shugs**

Kevin said...

Well, I told them it works for me.

Posted by kevinm of Seattle, Washington USA on Wed 23 Aug 06 at 04:37pm:

Daylight savings times seems to work quite well for most of the US. We have a few holdouts, but most of us welcome the annual change, just like we welcome the changing of the seasons.

Johnno said...

Well I dont really care much for daylight saving as the hours I sleep and wake would have nothing to do with daylight biggest problem would be having to adjust my sunrise and sunset times to suit the camera....I reakon we keep it as it is....and it does not matter about the people in the southern states...that is a whole different world to us