Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why did I leave Radio?

I hope at least SOME of you have been taking the time to listen to my Radio Reports on my Podcast...and you may be wondering WHY I left... Or not. Whatever.

I left not long after this report. It brought back the sour memory of why I left the ABC, and a job that I adored, as each day had a routine, but was different.

I cried for 3 whole days after I left, including Mother's Day. It was MY JOB, hand-chiselled in heaven, for me.

In order to do this radio report, I had to park my car in the grounds of Qld Uni (about 6 kms from the ABC studio) and of course after the show, had to then go and collect it again.

I asked my Producer if she could give me a lift and she refused, citing that her petrol allowance wouldn't cover it.

Petrol allowance? I was gobsmacked.(I didn't get petrol allowance?)

She suggested that I call a taxi, but also stated that I wouldn't be reimbursed.

Be stuffed!

I then asked Spencer if he could help, but he too, refused. I took a cab, got my car, went home, kicked the cat, went back to the studio after I had calmed down, and Spencer critisied me for screaming on the bike (I had the wobbles, and was only using one hand, as you heard.)

"I had to keep turning your microphone down" he said.

Then, to top it all off, they didn't pay me.

I had to go to the Paymaster three times, (over a week) "I have done the work, now pay me please!" and by now I was so enraged, I resigned.

They didn't accept it, but the next day called a meeting to say that it was prolly for the best. So I left.

It still sticks in my throat now, it sucks.

To have to go to the Paymaster THREE TIMES and beg for your pay, is humiliating, and a red-rag-to-a-bull for me, it makes my blood boil just thinking about it again.

After 5 years on air, you realise that there are only so many times you can jump our of a plane/climb a bridge/blah blah.

I love to sleep in now...oh yeah.

So now you know.


Brizpaul said...

Bloody cheapskates
I would haven given you a lift had i seen you trying to thumb a lift

dieter said...

take a cab? petrol money? geez the ABC Is tight. it is their loss

Stephen said...

Thats showbiz!