Saturday, May 27, 2006

Then and Now

I heard someone say recently, that it was not a good thing to keep items of clothing from ones younger years, and wear them with today's fashions. The things I wished I had kept though, (because they are wearing exactly the same things). The little mini skits, (not that I would wear those now though), the platform and wedge shoes, a little black, shiny, belt, that I have seen people wearing now. The list is endless.

Are there three items you wore then, that would fit in with today's fashions?


Brizpaul said...

lemon yellow double breasted suit.

My silvery shiny flairs.

My long denim trench coat with sheepskin collar

Patty said...

1. Always jeans, they never go out of fashion
2. My old army surplus pants, its a 'cargo' look now, but it was pretty cool in 1972 too
3. Anything cheesecloth, and my old shoulder bag, it's what my kids use now (new) and I look at them and think, "they look like me at the same age" mwhahahaha, mothers revenge.