Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ever Wondered How to say..

how to say "Pattycam Watchers" in another language to your own? silly question, of course you have lol

Spanish : "Observadores de Cámara de empanada"

French: "Les Observateurs d'Appareil-photo de steak

German: " Patty Kamera Beobachter"

Italian: " Osservatori di Macchina Fotografica di Patty

Dutch: "Patty Fototoestel Wachters"

Polish: "Ornitófilos de Câmera de Patty"

Russian: "Наблюдатели Камеры Пирожка"

Norwegian: "Patty Fotoapparat Watchers"


Patty said...

Very interesting.......

Patty said...

I'm a bit worried about the French. :(

Brizpaul said...

Is it rude? I must admit I cant tell my French from My Spanish lol

will said...

is it not rude ! but .....
in french the translate is : "les observateurs de patty"
sorry for my english i'm only french :)

Patty said...

mais oui!