Saturday, January 03, 2009

Smoke in my eyes

It wasn’t like she had planned it, not yet; anyway. Sure, one day she’d like kids, but now? It was too soon, they were both fresh out of school, and the future was speeding towards them.

He was agitated, worried what his dad would say. He could picture his father, scowling and shouting behind him “You stupid idiot”, and the words echoed in his mind. His brain raced ahead.

I need to think. I need to plan. I need a ciggie, he thought.

She waited, the wind caught his match again and again, till finally she gave him her cigarette lighter she had bought from a secondhand shop. It was silver, inscribed “To my Darling, always”.

A cheapish imitation, she still loved the writing on it. No one spoke to each other like that any more.

She waited for his next response to her question.

“What now?”

He lit his cigarette, and drew back deeply.

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