Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What did YOU do today?

Today I have been up since 4.40am, cooked breakfast for 3 of us, put on hubbys shoes and socks, filled car with petrol, emptied cat tray of huge green poo (what the!) cut up chicken breast for cat, scrubbed 2 bathrooms till they shone, did 2 loads of washing, strung up new Xmas lights and took down old ones, dropped off dry-cleaning and got prescriptions for hubby, became guarantor for sons friend travelling overseas with passport, did food shopping, had a tiff again with eldest son over interent censorship, bought new printer ink and dvd sleeves, readjusted a quote for a friend, chatted to Johnno, rang my mother, worked out a quote for a 5 minute training video, supported my sons girl friend on her law exams, sang happy birthday to our neighbour who is 92, created a video for my friends 52nd birthday, created a shorter clip to show Johnno my new Studio 12 program, helped friend with her mother’s funeral tomorrow, edited photo images, rang client re: new contract for video, ate one anzac biscuit I made yesterday (my bad) and am now cooking dinner, awaiting a final quote for client tomorrow before he has meeting with state representatives. Bleh. And you tell that to the young’ens, and they won’t believe ya! Hugs


eamonn said...

what did you do after lunch then?

Patty said...

Much the same again, mwhahah