Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pattys travels to Melbourne and Tasmania nov 2008 part3

Land ahoy

Loading on boat

The Sun Princess

Spirit of Tasmania

4m waves expected

Checking on the boat

Clean car

waiting with a wine

In Melbourne

I think he likes the hawkes. Shepaton. X

Arrived in Victoria

At Jerilderie..Home of Ned Kelly

Cattle on the road

Cattle on the road

Fruit fly exclusion zone


dieter said...

I do hope you dont get sea sick, looks like it might be a bit rough on the trip to Tassie

eamonn said...

patty must love driving!!!i would rather eat the road than drive that distance ,lol

Patty said...

Home again home again, rig a jig jig. all good, loved it. woot!