Friday, November 14, 2008

My school leaving daughters award winning painting with her description

Paint on canvas
Carly Sheil

I wanted to portray both security and also a sense of insecurity in this piece, as though the girl was in a protective womb yet had to curl up into herself to feel safe. I felt that the womb had to be green instead of red because it was cold and still living, almost like a plant, whereas her, and her ribbons are warm colors, to bring them to stand out and show their difference from the harsh, yet safe, surrounding womb. These insecurities are also portrayed in her almost nakedness.
She has alien eyes because she isn’t quite human, or doesn’t feel as such. She is not a part of this safe haven and this reflects not only in her coloration, but in her eyes as well. A womb generally matches its occupant, red walls to a flesh toned fetus, which is the norm. I chose red and green because they contrast each other and bring each other out. They are the only colors I chose and thus stand out more.
The red ribbons, I like to feel, represent the string of fate; a long, red cord that connects someone with their destiny and future mate. Hers is twisting around her, the path is untraceable and this leads to further confusion.


Patty said...

Good work, and description, well done. *claps.

eamonn said...

thats excellent!!love the detail and how imaginative, she is one smart young lady ,keep up the good work