Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Character Reference


Patricia has been known to me for the past 9 years, although if she asked she would say 10 as she recalls speaking to me at an Open Day at School before she even started her eldest son there, but then she would say that, wouldn’t she?

Although she has generously allowed my family to stay at her beach house, and although we have been to numerous bbq’s, parties and dinner/luncheons in her home, and even though we were a very welcome guest at her 50th and her son’s 21st earlier this year (did I say 50th? I meant 45th, my bad) I have only once knowingly invited her to our home, in fact it took us weeks to clean up the joint after she has gone, and we ended up having to sell it, but made heaps of money *thanks Patty.

I have always found Patricia’s character to be of the highest calibre, unlike her undies and bra, which I regularly find under my desk, but I digress.

She is a person of good honest intentions, and I am not even going to mention her tits, which are quite magnificent. Opps, I didn’t mean to mention them, sorry. Again.

Patricia has always been heavily involved in a sort of stalky/weird way, in her respective schools. I understand she has no criminal record, but then I wouldn’t really know, would I?

In dealing with her over the past few years, she has managed to help me in various activities, such as emailing jokes back and forth, sharing the odd champers at Milton under the Eiffel Tower, *although to be fair, this only happened twice, and she has also sat on various committees such as Golf, Rowing, Art, Soccer, Rowing, Open Day, Sportsman’s Dinner, and it took us a week to find the School Gala Dinner after she sat on that too.

My wife likes her.

I have no hesitation in recommending Patricia for Patron of your School, and would like to also recommend her title be known as Patron Saint Patricia.

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