Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doc totally setup by Current Affairs last night

Big trouble for Bank of Queensland
Big trouble for Bank of Queensland
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My lovely hardworking eldest son was setup by A Current Affair and a hidden camera.

He didn't say or do anything wrong, and said they looked very weird. As he says..."Glad it wasn't anything bad. I think I remember exactly who it was though; they acted kind of strangely. They asked about BOQ deposits, which I assured them were secured by the government and told them that as a smaller bank, we were more insulated from the international market. I doubt they put any of that in though. That show really annoys me, they could of at least asked for my consent or something (though history shows that this would be rare for them).
"...uses as an excuse" . What a load of shit. I told that lady that BOQ had higher lending rates than the other big 4 banks because they are smaller and the cash credit market has higher costs of borrowing now. Ridiculous. They asked whether BOQ deposits were guaranteed, which I assured them they were by the federal government. Good thing, otherwise they would have tried to rope me in on that shit too."

Watch around the 5 min mark, dat's my boy. *and btw, I am over people whinging that other people have fun, as a reward for hard work. Yes, we are all hurting in the current finacial crisis, BUT have a bit of generousity of spirit.

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dieter said...

How people can watch ACA or TT is a puzzle.They are both cheap magazine shows that never let the truth get in the way of a good story.