Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Good day,

I know this proposal will come to you as a surprise especially when you do not know the writer, considering the huge sum of money involved which could make any apprehensive. Let me start by introducing myself to you.

I am Susan Van, I work in the accounting department of a Finance house, here in Europe. I saw your contact during my private search at the information center,I want to believe that you will be very honest, committed and capable of assisting in this business venture.

It is based on this that I am contacting you to stand as the next-of-kin a late client of the Finance House so that estate will be released and paid to you as the beneficiary and the next-of-kin to the deceased. All documents, and proof to enable you get the funds have been carefully worked out as we have secured from the different offices concerned for the smooth transfer of the fund to you.

If this proposal satisfies you, please respond to me with the following information.


I await your urgent response, all the best and God bless you.


Susan Van

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