Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rich - again!

Dear Partner & Friend,

Dont get me wrong here please,My name is Donald Greg Richards,.a South African/American US marine.I was in the Engineering military unit in Ba'qubah in Iraq but presently dis-abled due to a bomb explosion injury I sustained and in a Miltary rehab hospital in England.

Firstly,before I move ahead I want to state that you might be feeling this is one of the scumbag trying to get money off you or somesort but I tell you its far from it.During my service days funds to the tune of US$6,700,000.00[Six Million Seven Hundred Thousand US$] was recovered by I and one of my colleague thou now late from an Oil Rig in Kuwait.We had to split the cash for fear due to war pressures and were able to get some parts [$5Million] through a Private Online Bank auditor and was deposited at the bank in Amsterdam,.Holland while the balance was later carried in a sealed security trunk as art antique by a security company and presently lying in its vault pending the end of the war when we would be able to collect them.

Now,from the above you should know the funds are in two different parts.All I want from you is to know which of both you can process so when the money is secured we can use part of it to process the other.Hope you get me?I am going to be direct and open to you hoping same in return.The account is dormant as it has not been operated on for 18months while the security company still await a beneficiary to come forth and make claim.Documents to back-up are here but CANNOT be released until I hear from you and know of your readiness to partner me and proceed.50%/50% for you and I after you claim them.Noted...??

Again trust is important and knowing the whole process is simple we must keep a low profile at all times.Can I trust you will help?

Until I get your reply to my email below stay safe.

Capt Don

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Johnno said...

Now , why would you not believe him