Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last nights storm

EKKKKKKK!! Blackout for 3 hours. Charlie curls into a fetal position and stays there, stunned he won't see House on tv. The candles are already lit, so darkness isn't a problem, it's the conversation, and lack of it. Both Bear and his dad plot a plan to drive to Doc's and watch his tv, as he still has power.

They hadn't visited for the past year, but will risk going out in a storm tonight, with lighting still lashing the city, in order to watch a television show. ha! They end up going to bed, and indeed we are all sound asleep when things begin to flash, buzz and ping; the lights are back on. Wearily we all stumble toward the blue light of the tv, like drunken moths.

I manage to persuade hubby to tape my upcoming show, The Apprentice, as I haven't a chance to sit up and watch it, tiredness has overtaken me.

We sleep like dead men all night.

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As technology continues to control our minds