Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jest Opera, Brisbane's newest singing group - More photos

Seating arrangements, 500 dedicated, loyal, loving Grammar parents, supporters, Old Boys, families, students and VIP, not to mention the International sportsmen, who triumph, skill and sporting greatness we were honouring last night.

Ron Jackson, the professional entertainer he is, performing his sound check. He just stands there, like he’s talking to you across the fence, and opens his throat, and out comes this almighty voice, a big gorgeous tenor, soaring across the ceiling and knocking us all out. We glance at each other, Tim the soundman and I, and think to ourselves, wow!

Wow! That sounds great Ron, ta.

Inside our hearts, we know we have just experienced something marvelous, a pure natural sound, born of his love of music and singing.

And finally, Me and my ‘girls’ with lens envy, admiring a beautiful Canon 5D, complete with donkey-dick lens. Sighs.

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