Thursday, October 30, 2008

Driver crashes $250,000 Ferrari into Adelaide power pole

TWO men who "turned the streets into a racetrack" escaped serious injury yesterday when their $250,000 Ferrari wrapped itself round a power pole.

The driver, in his 30s, and his passenger walked away from the wreckage and were treated in Royal Adelaide Hospital minor injuries after the crash in Walkerville, north Adelaide.

They left the five-year-old Ferrari Modena split in two by the pole.

Neighbours said the supercar crashed minutes after it went "zinging" past their homes. "I was outside my house talking and we heard something fly up and it was this black Ferrari," Vlado Blazeka said.

"It sounded just like, 'zing, zing', as it went past.

"The pole split the car in two and it's basically up where the gear stick should be."

Lana Errey rushed to help the two men after the accident happened 200m from her art gallery.

"It's like they turned the streets into a racetrack," she said.

Police investigating the accident have yet to interview the men.

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Brizpaul said...

i wasn't driving, but whoever was is bloody lucky to walk away. Had they had hit the car into the pole sideways i think it would be a different story. Just lucky how the car split in two missing the people sitting either side.