Saturday, September 20, 2008

What I did on my Satureday until 12.30pm

Today I:

Cooked breakfast for my son
Made brekkie for hubby + coffee
Cleaned coffee machine, again, sigh
Received photos for BGS event
Did food shopping and bought hubby special vanilla slice which I know he loves
Copped criticism for vanilla slice not being fresh, it was awful, blah blah blah, it would never occur to him to say thanks anyway
Cleaned downstairs sink
Cleaned toilet
Cleaned the oven
Washed kitchen windows
Dusted bedroom
Cleaned light switches
Polished silver coasters, bowls
Hand washed lots of ornaments etc
Scrubbed picture rail in lounge room
Dusted picture frames
Totally dusted and scrubbed kitchen, including the plate shelves
Dusted and scrubbed lounge room and living room
Did 2 loads of washing, and drying
Unpacked and reloaded dishwasher

I’m stuffed!


Brizpaul said...

Your point being?

I thought thats what wives and mothers were suppose to do, cook, clean , wash ( flying frypan, ducks for cover )

eamonn said...

hey!!!beautiful one i think its time that you delegated some of those chores to others!!!surely hubby can make his own coffee!!!and a trip to the supermarket can be very theraputic!!!explain to him ! but then again its none of my buisness sorry!!!! and dusting to music can be fun , he will love it

Patty said...

My point being *deep breathe, that I worked hard, the house is sparkling, hubby still appreciating nothing yet critising everything I do. Just needed to writie it down and get it off my chest. Thanks for listening.