Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photo comp

We seem to have trouble with late entries 'guilty' each week.I think a deadline should be set such as Wendnesday and all entries could be sent to one of us and then that person could post them in one block. Yeah I know ''neat freak'' what can I say I'm a virgo.


Patty said...

Yes, I agree with bits of what you said. They are a litle all over the shop, but I am SO busy I dont have time to stuff around - even for the virgos that I like! :)

It also takes a bit of pressure of everyone if we have a week to blog, eg. I was away and didnt return till late wed, but was still able to blog my entry the next day.

The other thing is, we blog f rom all a round the world (I love my site!) and it's often hard getting eamonn and Loobyloo out of bed, hahaha)

The thing youCOULD do, when you blog your entry, is go to Post Options bottom left, and make the date for the Friday, that way they entries will 'stay on top' till the Friday...BUT...anything else we might blog will be hidden, for the whole week.

We would have to scrool down to see what's been blogged during the day.

Who said it had to be easy, hahah. hugs!

dieter said...

i could do it if pressed :-)