Friday, September 19, 2008

Paris Hilton's dogs eaten, makes nice change from her cat

Paris Hilton is reportedly in mourning after two of her dogs were eaten by coyotes.

The attack, which happened at Hilton's Hollywood hills mansion on Wednesday night, is not an uncommon occurrence in the area with coyotes often roaming into backyards, website X17 Online reports.

The socialite is said to be "devastated" after the two dogs were discovered the morning after the attack.

It is not known whether one of the killed is her camera-friendly hound Tinkerbell, often snapped with Hilton on outings and at publicity appearances.

"Some people think she's eccentric, having so many pets, but she just really, really loves animals and it was devastating for her," a source was quoted as saying.

Halle Berry and Demi Moore have also had pets snatched from their property.

Earlier this year, Hilton was investigated after admitting on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show that she owned 17 dogs.

Under US law, a non-breeder is only allowed to have three dogs per address.

According to TMZ, a Department of Animal Spokesman said the Simple Life star and her animals weren't home when they visited.

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