Sunday, August 31, 2008

Townsville Road Trip - continued

From Rockhampton to Townsville, going through Mackay, Ayr, Proserpine and a heap of smaller places I can't remember, ha. Thanks Johnno for your patience and understanding with my photos, hugs. The sugar cane was being harvested, and the sugar mills were churning through the process, smoke billowing from their stacks, which dominate the small towns. Road kill: 87 kangaroos, 17 unidentified squashed bits, one echinda. Motor homes: 92 and counting. Caravans: 156 and counting. Cars passed: 703 and counting. Cars overtaking me: 2 *sobs, oh the shame! 1 x water bottle, 2 x cupcakes, 1 x have-a-heart ice-cream, several large wines at night with my mum and sister, 2 x chardys overlooking Townsville Strand, 2 x chardys at airport waiting for the rest of the world to catch up, 1 x very early flight home. All good!

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