Sunday, August 10, 2008


This inaugural competition was judged by Char, our American friend - thanks Char, we appreciate your time and comments.

"They were all really good. It was hard to decide!! Pass on my kudos to all entrants.

I have to say I liked Johnno's best. He and I were on the same wavelength (scary, right??)! When I saw the chosen object first thing I thought of was a picture of a box on fire.

Hugs to all."

On a personal note I would like to also add that I loved the spark photo from Darren (aka Philius) and the enthusiasm of Sue with her Teddy Bear series, and Loobyloo (Christmas matches) and her hubby, who also joined in the fun with his football series.

Who can match (no pun) Pauls collection, and the studied artistry of Dieter, with both book and box matches, and the smokes to boot, giddyup!

Well done everyone, this weeks subject is *drumroll, A TEASPOON.

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