Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Extraordinary Ordinary Photographic Completion

The Extraordinary Ordinary Photographic Completion...

Today I can proudly announce a new photographic Competition for Pattycam Watchers, and anyone else who wants to join in.

Each Friday, an everyday subject will be announced, and you can have the week-end to go and shoot your images, then upload them to the Blog on Monday.

People can vote during the week, and comment on each image, and the winner will be selected the following Friday.

Have fun, Groovers!

Rules: Just photograph the subject selected.
NO photoshopping allowed, *coughs.
Have fun and don’t stress!


Johnno said...

What a great idea...bring it on I say

dieter said...

Sounds interesting as long as we can all get to the subject.I think you might have trouble with a photo of snow or i might have trouble taking tropical pics

Sue said...

I'm up for that one.

Kevin said...

Hey, this sounds like fun!

Patty said...

It will be an every day object, found in any home. So pleased you are all positive about it, just a bit of a laff, eh?