Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big chill hits Southeast Queensland

BRISBANE'S big chill continued this morning as the apparent air temperature dived down to a biting 1.7 degrees Celsius - and tomorrow is forecast to get even colder.

The mercury sank to 7.4 degrees at Brisbane Airport in the early hours, but the wind-chill factor meant it felt more than six degrees colder.

"The south-westerly winds which make it feel colder than it actually is when you're outside," Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Bryan Rolstone said.

He said tomorrow's actual temperatures were likely to be colder still.

"Brisbane will get to four or five degrees and the western suburbs should get down to zero and have plenty of frost about," he said.

Meanwhile, clear skies greeted residents of Stanthorpe this morning - signalling an end to yesterday's light snow.

Mr Rolstone said it was unlikely the Granite Belt would see more snow this winter - but there was plenty of frost about.

"We had just enough moisture yesterday for snowfall, sleet and some thunderstorms but that's dropped out of the airstream now," Mr Rolstone said.

"What we'll see now is drier weather and extensive frost over inland areas."

Although Applethorpe remained in positive territory at 0.6 degrees yesterday, the apparent temperature was a freezing -3.8.

Dairy farmer Wes Judd of Yangan, near Warwick, was yesterday moving about 350 head of cattle into shelter yesterday, as freezing conditions hit his farm.

"It's pretty cold," he said at noon. "I haven't taken my coat and beanie off yet."

"I just wish it would go away but it's just one of those days where you just have to grin and bear it."

Stanthorpe residents said they were sorry to see the snow go.

"It was nice to see it fall but it was basically only the outer skirts of town," said local newsagent Louise Bentley.

Relatively dry conditions are expected across nearly all of Queensland for the rest of the week.

Fog is expected on Thursday and Friday.

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