Friday, June 20, 2008

Food Bloggers needed, quick!

I am regularly asked how I come with ideas for blogs on my food blog. I find blog topics so easy to come up with; but my problem is that I don’t have time to write them. For the past few years, I’ve had a food blog topic file on my laptop which I constantly add new food blog ideas to. So I thought it might be useful if I made a few changes to the list and blogged about food blog topics that I’ve come up with in my file.

For food bloggers who post every couple of days, there’s a year’s worth of blog topics for your food blog right here. I’ve kept a few good topics for myself – so make sure you subscribe to my RSS Feed.

If you don’t have a food blog but have been itching for sometime to start one check out a previous post about The secret to creating a Food Blog.

Here’s 100 Food Blog Topics which I hope you write about;

1. An experience at a new restaurant
2. Your favorite cooking show
3. Favorite cookbook and why you like it
4. Your favorite gourmet food store
5. Online Food – ten of the best food websites
6. Australian Foods – A look at native foods from down under
7. Talk about your local farmers market
8. Foods high in antioxidants
9. Grab an ingredient you’ve never cooked with before
10. How you decide on a dinner party menu
11. Interview your favorite chef
12. Discuss popular food magazines in your city
13. Your favorite celebrity chef and why you like him or her.
14. Ordering food and wine online – what’s the best sites?
15. Food and Wine matching
16. Menu for the perfect date
17. What makes a bad dining experience
18. Tasty breakfast menu ideas
19. Creating a healthy BBQ menu
20. Discuss popular food magazines in your city
21. Kitchen appliances you can’t live without
22. Review the latest cookbooks available
23. What type of cookware do you prefer – aluminum, copper, stainless steel, teflon
24. Food Blogs that you read
25. Analyze popular smoking woods
26. The ten best restaurants in your city
27. What type of coffee beans do you buy?
28. Your favorite dining experience
29. How to make the perfect Sunday Roast
30. Tasty Brunch – Ten easy brunch menu ideas
31. Interview your favorite chef
32. What brand of kitchen knives do you prefer and why?
33. Healthy lunch ideas on a budget
34. Duck ten different ways
35. The best BBQ marinate
36. Five of your favorite red wines
37. Five of your favorite white wines
38. Everyone loves lobster – The perfect lobster recipe
39. Garden Gourmet – What grows in your garden that tastes good
40. Bakery Secrets – ten tips to the perfect loaf
41. Pizza Time – how to make the best pizza dough
42. Beer and food matching
43. The ultimate hamburger
44. Five local gourmet salts to put in the cupboard
45. Hollywood Cuisine – Films which feature food
46. Pasta Time – How to make your own ravioli
47. Fridge Cuisine – What’s in your fridge?
48. Just what is wattleseed?
49. Steam Cuisine – 3 courses from the steamer
50. Creating the perfect pasty
51. Sweet and Savory muffin ideas
52. Interview a celebrity chef from your city
53. Diner Menus – are they all the same?
54. Ten local cheeses worth tasting
55. Your favorite vegetarian recipe
56. Cooking the ultimate roast chicken dinner
57. Plane Food Sucks – analyze the food on your recent flight
58. Ten different ice-cream flavors worth making
59. How to make the perfect omelette
60. Ten different cookie flavours worth baking
61. Creating a healthy dessert menu
62. Fine dining on a budget
63. Talk about upcoming cooking shows
64. Steaming and smoking with Paperbark
65. Home made sausages – Ten unusual flavours
66. Healthy fast food ideas
67. The ultimate sandwich
68. Local Food Festivals
69. The perfect picnic hamper
70. Espresso desserts – recipes using coffee
71. Breaky Bagels – gourmet breakfast on the run
72. Healthy low fat salad menu ideas
73. Creating gourmet soups
74. The ultimate hangover breakfast
75. How to cook the perfect steak
76. Risottos with a difference
77. Food ideas with champagne
78. Ten healthy fruit smoothies
79. Foods that taste good and are good for you
80. The perfect salad dressing
81. Finding a restaurant to dine at
82. The perfect Christmas Day menu
83. Your favorite spice mix and spice rubs
84. Barbeque tips and secrets
85. Healthy one pot cooking
86. What to look for when selecting a steak
87. Cookware and kitchen utensils in your arsenal
88. Leftovers – discover yesterdays food today
89. Ten ways with mayonnaise
90. Unknown Food Myths
91. What’s the best wine for cooking with?
92. Five low cholesterol meal ideas
93. Superfoods you should be eating
94. Full Strength Beer vs Low-Carb Beers
95. Analysing frozen TV dinners
96. Summer cocktail ideas
97. Organic food vs Non Organic Food
98. Late night dining – critiquing the room service menu
99. Chopping boards – Wooden, Plastic and Glass
100. How to season a frying pan

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