Thursday, May 08, 2008

What did you do yesterday?

6am: Got out of bed

6.30am: Shower shave brushed teeth

7am: Breakfast Coffee and spicy fruit bread toast

8am: Drove into Brisbane ( bumper to bumper traffic)

9am: See Specialist

11am: Went to medicare and medibank private for refund

12pm: Weekly food shopping ( have you seen the cost of meat these days? )

2pm: Home

2.30pm Lunch Lamb Kebab

3pm: On the Net for a bit

4pm: phoned Dad to remind him about today

4.30pm: Mowed the lawn front and back

6pm: Time for the news ( I do and also prefer to watch ABC 7pm news as well )

7pm: Dinner Homemade Spag Bolognaise

7.30pm: Television

8.30pm: Switch on the computer

10.30pm: Bed time an early night

1 comment:

Brizpaul said...

I forgot to add into what I did yesterday that i found time to wash and polish the car