Sunday, May 11, 2008

A round of applause for mums.

This is for every mum who worried because she didn’t eat all the right things during her pregnancy.

For every mum who was told she should breastfeed when she couldn’t.

For every mum who had moments during the first year when she sobbed uncontrollably after five hours sleep in as many days.

For every mum who has rushed a child to hospital to be told her child has a cold. And for every mum who thought the rash would go away by itself.

For every mum who went back to work and sat hunched and desolate, in the toilet as her breasts leaked with milk and her eyes poured with tears.

For every mum who stayed at home and fretted over whether her child noticed that she sometimes wanted to crumble under the stress of providing 24/7 care.

For every mum who has smiled weakly while a stranger informs her that her baby is hungry, tired, cold, hot, sick or in need of a good smack.

For every mum whose partner knows how to do everything better than she does, and to those whose partners are just another child to look after.

For every mum who doesn’t see her partner enough, and for the ones who wish their partners would get out from under their feet, and the ones who don’t have partners. And the ones who don’t have anyone at all.

For every mum who planned to stop at three kids until the next one appeared, and for those who wish they could have one more.

For every mum who lies awake at night worrying about the dangers of the world and wraps her children in cotton wool. And for every mum who wishes she’d done more to prevent her children’s mistakes.

For every mum who wonders if her teenage son will do anything except grunt in front of a computer game.And for every mum who feels her heart disintegrate as she farewells her son to war.

For every mum whose teenage daughter goes out of the house wearing something terrifying. And for every mum whose daughter is bullied because she’s not wearing the right thing.

For every mum whose kids won’t leave home before the age of 30. And for the mums whose kids never call.

For every mum who gives it her all and has lost herself in the process. And for every mum who worries that she doesn’t give enough.

Written by Alexandra Carlton - Body & Soul, Sunday Mail

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