Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Things you find on Google!

Goodness, lookey what Ijust found...hehehe.

After going through the many photos that grace this site with their visual appeal, there lives a wonderful person by the screenname PattyCam. A joyous, upbeat photographer, PattyCam is astounding. She has got one of the sweetest attitudes here on Buzznet, as well as over a thousand different photos that just ooze awesome. Her posts are unique and inspiring, and she has managed to go on posting for over 2 years!!

No one is cooler than she is.


eamonn said...

form a circle girl and give yourself one big clap on the back!!!! wooooo woooo !!!!

Patty said...

Ha, well I didn't write it *blush

Sue said...

You go girl!!!