Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Buzznet Essentials - Aperture Dilation: PattyCam

Guys and dolls, we have another one of those awesome photographers on here that virtually no one knows about. Her name is PattyCam.

She has been here since 2005, gracing this website with a little over a thousand awesome photos. She has got an eye for beauty, and even though I just found out about her a few weeks ago, she is a very sweet person to have as a friend.

So, without further delay, fall in love with her photos...NOW:


Kevin said...

Congratulations on the comments about your photos! Keep up the good work.

LHagen said...

So proud of ya!!! We can all say, "We knew her when..."!


Patty said...

Thanks. It's nice to be appreciated. :)

Johnno said...

What can I say...well done!

Gary said...

Congratulations Patty, keep up the good work.