Friday, February 01, 2008

Who do you know ?

Pattycam thanks to Patty has been up and running for over 6 years now and as Patty says we are a small community who meet online to share a part of their day with each other. So the question is what have you learnt about someone within the last 6 years that you did not know before you met them. Nominate a person from the list below and list 5 things that you have learnt about them.



Brizpaul said...

OK seens i'm first I pick the lady of the house Miss Patty

She hates being called Patricia Anne with an e.

She taught me the difference between to and too as in as well.

She loves the beach.

She loves listening to the rain hitting the roof as she sleeps.

She has over the last 6 years been to Sth Africa, the United States, New Zealand and Tahiti as well as Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne to name but a few places.

Johnno said...

ok...I pick Paul

I know where he lives as I phooned on his front steps

I know he is from Adelaide

I know he has some health probs..stay well Paul

I know he loves his father

dieter said...

1.Johnno Loves his camera 'and why not'

2.lives in north QLD

3.Owns a truck parts store

4.likes to colour his hair.

5.has a good sense of humour.

6.likes rugby, cricket but not tennis.

I was going to do Patty but it was only 6 things.

Patty said...

I chose Dieter.(but I think I know a bit about youa ll, teehee)

1. I know he hates restuarants that won't fit his chair under the table, and rightly so too.

2. He is afraid of the future, but not afraid to face it.

3. He loves a good book and a quiet read.

4. His favorite song is The Pie, by Sutherland Brothers and Quiver.

5. His blood pressure plays up at times,and it concerns me.

6. His favorite carer is Ingrid, who is delightul.

loobyloo said...

I'll pick Sue

She lives near(ish) to me
She loves bears
She has had lots of pets, who all live to be ancient!!
She must be a trekkie, judging by her weblinks!!
She is always up late!!

Sue said...

Although this lady is very new, I'm picking Loobyloo.

She lives a bit further up the country than I do.

She has two children.

She is very excited about visiting Australia shortly.

She has a big birthday coming up in a few short days.

She is a nurse.

She likes patchwork and quilting.

eamonn said...

i feel neglected!!!!sniff sniff

Sue said...

Are we allowed to do two? Or not really.