Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who am I

Born: May 28, 1945 in Berkeley, CA
My brother Tom(Died September 06, 1990 in Scottsdale, AZ) and I organized struggling band during the late 50's How ever between 1969 and 1972 we had released nine top ten singles and we had eight gold albums between 1968 and 1972.My music is described as blue grass rock. We split up in 1972 .I released an album of covers under another name In 1973,followed by my first formal solo album in 1975.Then I was silent for more than nine years while I worked out problems with our old record label.In 1984 I had a top ten single and a number one album.My follow up album was less successful and I went into seclusion for the next 11 years only to resurface in 1997 with two albums.My ban --- was inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on the first ballot in 1993 where I refused to join my former band members on stage.Our music has featured in movies such as The Big Chill , Born on the forth of July, Forrest Gump to name a few.


LHagen said...

Would it be John Fogerty?

dieter said...

Well done yes it is John Fogerty.
I need to take Johnnos line and make it harder lol .
I'm going to see him next month in Melbourne. the last time I saw hin was 1970 something.

Patty said...


eamonn said...

creedance clearwater revival !!!john fogarty??? hes great !!! or is an australian singer that i dont know about?