Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who am I ? number two

Born:In Manchester England and emigrated to Australia in 1955. We arrived in Melbourne and settled in Brisbane.I made regular appearances on Queensland television and by the age of 17 was an experienced musician.In 1963 I moved to Sydney and had a regular gig at Surf City.In 1964,the band released their first single,but it was their next single release that the group decided to cover after hearing the version recorded by The Rolling Stones.that gave them the breakthrough hit and over the next two years, the band experienced incredible success in Australia, their record sales and concert attendances rivaling those of The Beatles.I stayed fairly quiet for the next few years, emerging after a spell of bankruptcy in 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria.A breakthrough gig at Melbourne Town Hall in 1970, supporting Daddy cool, we accrued a considerable reputation in the southern states and became known as one of the loudest acts on on the local concert circuit.
In 1972, we played two of our most famous gigs. A show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl during the Moomba Festival resulted in 250,000 people filling the park to see the band play', and forcing police to close the roads around the venue. Later in the year, we released a live recording of our show at the Sunbury Music Festival, which featured the my most famous anthem which took him back into national prominence.
I had success in the United states collaborating with artists such as Mick Fleetwood I also worked on musical scoring for television series, including: War of the Worlds, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Columbo, Eight Is Enough and Hard Time on Planet Earth. I returned to Australia in 1996.


Team Gherkin said...

erm... Billy Thorpe?

dieter said...

I'm far to soft I think well done Gherkin