Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pattycam Time Capsule

List 10 things you would like to do or places to see over the next year and in 12 months we can open the vault and look back at what we did or didn't do. Have a go, it's not as easy as it sounds.


Brizpaul said...

1:See the Whales

2: Christmas in Adelaide

3: Win Gold Lotto

4: Go out to dinner at least once a week

5: Buy a new computer

6: See Ayres Rock ( Ularu )

7: Go to the Races more often. ( Horse Racing )

8: Get back into playing golf

9: Put up a new front fence

10: Go up to Cairns for nephews wedding

Patty said...

1. Go to the Archibalds, prolly by myself *freedom!

2. Do another decent long road trip

3. Continue with recent fortnightly 'mini' road trips with my friend CJ.

4. Learn to be more tolerant of my children, *yeah, right.

5. Update my website and sort out my for once and for all, grr. *don't have the energy, beyond care.

6. Continue to lose weight. *coughs

7. Spend Christmas anywhere else but the beach.

8. Go sailing.

9. Learn to take more time for myself.

10. Go camping on Morton Island again.

dieter said...

1. Be happy at my new digs.

2. Take more control over my life

3.Take a trip no matter how short as long as its for me.

4.Stay healthy

5.See at least one new movie a month with a friend.

6.Be more patient with people.

7. Try not to over think things 'ha should be easy I hear you say'

8.Take a chance or a risk

9.Whatch my nieces and nephew play their sport.

10. think about going to the 40th anniversary of my old high school

loobyloo said...

1: Watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean
2: Think before I speak
3: Be more spontaneous
4: Go out for dinner once a month
5: Learn to drive
6: Get healthy
7: Take more care of my face (creams etc!!)
8: Write more emails-not just forward funnies on
9: Start the day with a smile
10:Make more time for friends

Patty said...

Loobyloo, you are over this way soon aren't you mate? woohoo! Get your drivers license babe, you will never look back! (unless youare reversing?)