Monday, February 04, 2008

I drove in this yesterday :(

I had to drive to the Gold Coast to meet a bride and groom - I am shooting their wedding in April. The rain was blindingly heavy, I had to use a 'rabbit car' ahead of me, following and hoping like shite he/she was a good driver. It's too dangerous to pull over to the side of the road, (what if someone was using ME as a 'rabbit?') and the rian wasn't going to stop or ease, so I had to keep moving, albeit a lot slower than normal.

When cars did shoot past at 110kms, I just shook my head and thought "mate, now you are scaring the pants off me, driving like that, madness!".

You just have to drive to conditions, and these conditions were appalling, but I got there in the end, whew.

The radio said the Gold Coast area had received 150 mms of rain (6 inches)in the past couple of hours! I know, think I saw every drop!!

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loobyloo said...

glad you were safe! yikes!!!!