Thursday, January 31, 2008

'Yes' or 'No'

I think we can say sorry without the fear of being sued first put it into legislation that the right to compensation is not part of the agreement, it can be done. Many local councils have a no sue clause . Personally if were them I would not worry to much about whether or not the federal government said sorry or not,. at this late stage it would mean little and solve less.
I don't think most of them really care either. What they need is better health care and education 'we all do' and less pigeon holes, they are not all the same.

Land rights is an entirely different thing, I know they think they are entitled to it but I'm not so sure, I can't see any good reason to just give it back, they where here first sure but is that all it takes to claim land rights? If it is we might all have claims to land some place. And why is it when we give land back its some outback baron land.To all the bleeding hearts in their comfortable suburban homes telling farmers who have worked the land for generations to give it up is just wrong, would we turn our homes over to them ? not bloody likely mate. Germaine Greer thinks we should just give it all back in the name of fairness, maybe that's because she lives in England.
I hate to sound like that well known redheaded Queenslander but we should be one nation united. Does that make me a racist? I hope not. Maybe more naive or hopeful.

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